Shanghai Circus World, China

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Shanghai Circus World

If you would like to see the performances on acrobatics, circus and magic plays, you are strongly recommended to visit Shanghai Circus World, which was founded in 1999.

The Shanghai Circus World is located on Gong He Xin Road and is moved from the former Acrobatic Hall of Shanghai. The Circus World is a ball shape building and is a professional place on acrobatics, magic and circus performances.

World famous circus troupes and magic troupes had performed in Shanghai Circus Hall. These famous acrobatic players all gave their high praises for Shanghai Circus Hall.

As time changes, the acrobatic shows should also follow the steps of the changing needs. Shanghai Circus World could be honored as a modern performing place. It covers the area of 22,500 square meters and owns 1672 seats of its main stage.

Shanghai Circus World has a very modern appearance with an aluminum alloy spherical rehearse roof, which is quite bright and dazzling. The acrobatics hall is the main building of Shanghai Circus World. There are rehearsing hall, animal training room and cultural & commercial place.

Shanghai Circus Hall is installed with light facilities and Hi-Fi system. The joining points (connecting points, which can hold the players when they perform); the terrace, the light and audio system could all be controlled and regulated.

The tuning control system is a digital console and it can withdraw or deposit different programs on setting time according to the orders.

The performing area keeps a quite different style. There forms a complete and functional circus hall containing revolving stage, complex rise and fall stage, picture frame like stage and stage boom, together with the 3 round horse paths, 4 flexible, and easy controlling hanging cage.

Shanghai Circus World provides the large performances of high air, mid air and ground plays. It not only provides the competition of acrobatics and magic plays, but also serves as a wonderful place of showing dance and song plays.

Over years, Chinese magic and acrobatics performance has been regarded as the most difficult and is praised by people all over the world.