Shanghai Jade Carving Factory, China

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Shanghai Jade Carving Factory

Shanghai Jade Carving Factory is situated on the Caobao Road southwest of Shanghai.

Mainly producing raw jade carving and tusk carving, it is the famous handicraft article factory in China.

Chinese traditional handicraft article creation had already started from 6,000 or 7,000 years before. Now every ancient cultural relic contains long history and culture. Shanghai jade carving factory is an old art and technology factory and specially produces carving works such as jade stone and tusk.

In fact, it is more difficult to carve jade stone and tusk than to carve stone and wood. What's more, the jade stone and tusk are very precious and valuable materials, if manual work is not good, it is equal to waste a valuable works.

In the course of creating jade stone and tusk, firstly you must avoid the possibility of "not good, repeat it". Then you must control creating thought and ratio, you can create exquisite and beautiful works accurately.

This art creation needs author's intelligence and craftsmanship. Although Shanghai jade carving factory is a factory manufacturing art works, each of the manufacturers is an art creation stager.

When people look a jade carving or tusk carving, they all will be careful to concentrate the whole energy upon it, face appear unconscious smile and think how to create such fine carvings.

Come to Shanghai jade carving factory, you will get the answer. Here you can see the whole course of creation personally, so it attracts visitors from home and abroad in an endless stream for several years.