Shanghai Museum, China

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Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum is located on Xizang Road of Shanghai.

The museum is a grand exhibit hall, a giant window presenting the culture of mankind. Visiting the museum is like reading a history book that contains every aspects of human life.

Shanghai Museum is one of largest comprehensive art museum of China and is famous for its collection of Chinese art works.

Built in 1952, but due to large number of art collections, the old building no longer can house all of the art treasures. In 1996, a new exhibition building were added. The new museum building, has two underground floors and five above ground, covers more than 40,000 square meters and has around 120, 000 pieces of art in collection.

The museum has eleven monographic galleries; one special gallery for donated ceramics and three exhibition halls. The new building total 12,000 square meters, which is 3.4 times larger than the old building.

Shanghai Museum, together with Beijing Museum, Nanjing Museum, and Xi'an Museum is called "Four Major Museums of China".

If you look over from People's Square of Shanghai, you can easily see this Chinese style museum. The museum structure looks like an ancient Chinese tripod with handle on both sides. Looking over from the high ground, a giant disc looks like a huge ancient mirror, that is the roof of Shanghai Museum.

In the City of Shanghai, this museum represents as a knowledge house for culture heritage and a gathering center for art treasures.

There are few stone-carved monsters in front of the museum main entrance. They work as the patron saints protecting this museum with rich art collections. The museum are equipped with earphone for visitors, you can quickly learn more about Chinese relics such as the calligraphy, painting, or jade, ceramics, bronze, and rare masterpieces of Chinese cultural heritage.