Hainan Shuinan Village, China

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Shuinan Village

Shuinan Village is located at Yacheng Town in Hainan Island.

It is near to Sanya City. Being a famous ancient cultural village, it is fertile of rice and fish. It has not only beautiful scenery but also rich humane landscape.

Yacheng Town was the center of Ya County in the ancient times. The prefecture took charge of the entire county affairs here. Therefore the town which had a dense population was thronged with visitors.

Shuinan Village is under the jurisdiction of Yacheng Town. Its simple folkway has been influenced by different cultures for a long time. Combined with the local traditional culture of Lizu people, the Shuinan Village is quite unique. With developed spinning and weaving technology, Shuinan Village can produce a great variety of textiles.

Because it is near the sea, the scenery of the village is also distinctive. Besides, it is located in the subtropical zone, it is warm even in the depth of winter. While it is snowing in the north of China, flowers are still blooming here.

Verdant trees and lush bamboo surround the village. Flowers are blooming and fruits become ripe throughout the year. Betel and coconut are the local specialties. Hence a saying goes:

"Betel trees are dancing in front of each house,
Coconut trees are erecting in the every backyard."

Being circled by water and hills, the village forms a spectacular view, which looks like a fictitious land of peace.

You can fully enjoy the southern scenery and the charm of countryside in Shuinan Village. You can totally forget the time, escape from the pressure of busy life and freely enjoy your holiday. Since the local textile technology was highly developed in the history, you can buy some special textiles here.

While selecting the souvenirs, you can watch the whole process of making clothes. This pleasure is not available in other places. Shuinan Village is really worth visiting.

History & Legend

At the end of Song Dynasty (1250A.D.), a woman named Hangdaopo came here. Her future husband's family brought her up. Because of the unbearable maltreatment, she left her hometown at the age of 8 and wandered about destitute in the world.

At last she came to Shuinan Village, where the textile technology was comparatively developed. The local Lizu people sympathized with her misfortune and took her in. Huandaopo lived in Shunan Village for 30 years. In order to make a living, she learned from the local people how to weave and spin, and later she became very experienced.

In 1295A.D. she returned to her hometown - Wunijing Town in Songjing County in Jiangsu Province. She taught the women of her hometown what she had learned from the Lizu people and improved the weaving tool of Lizu people.

Gradually more and more people took up weaving and spinning in the Wunijing Town, which rapidly promoted the development of textile technology and improved the living standard of local people. That's why the textile industry of Shanghai City is so developed.

Because Huandaopo made great contribution to the development of ancient textile technology in China, Shuinan Village was recorded in the history of Chinese textile industry.