Yunnan Stone Forest, China

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Stone Forest

The Stone Forest lies in the Lunan Yu Autonomous County of Yunnan Province, 120 kilometers from Kunming.

It earned the name of "No. 1 scene on earth" in China. Whoever traveled the Stone Forest will praise its strange and beautiful scenery.

When you arrive at the entrance of the Stone Forest in Lunan, you can see two big words "Stone Forest" on the head-on rock. Then take a broad view and you will see layers after layers of strange stones. The name of the Stone Forest comes from this.

The color of the rocks is like ink and there are green grass, trees, and countless unknown wild flowers embellishing in the stones. If you walk into the scenic spot, you will feel like being a wonderful picture. This is the wonderful Stone Forest.

According to the documentation of geologists, it was a boundless ocean 28 million years ago. Because of moving crust, the landscapes under the sea were push up above the sea level.

The lotus peak, the rhinoceros watching moon, the watching peak pavilion, the rays sky and so on are the famous. Some are like slim and graceful girls, some like dashing and spirited fighters, and some like fierce beasts running forward.

It is worth mentioning that there is a beautiful stone peak near the golden pond of the small Stone Forest. The peak is like a slim and charming girl of Yi nationality with muffler on the head and a basket on the back. This is the incarnation of the hero "Ashima" in a miserable story of Yi nationality.

This stone peak is the landscape that many visitors and photographers like to appreciate. Nowadays Ashima is almost the representative and symbol of Yunnan minorities.

Additionally, there are many stories in the Stone Forest such as the spectacular cave, the askew hill, and the strange wind cave. There are beautiful stories for the three scenic spots respectively which are often hear and well remember by all the young and the old of Yi nationality.

Someone says that there are strange stones and caves in the beautiful Stone Forest and each one is brilliant. If you come here, you will feel as if your two eyes are not enough to use. You must use your two eyes to appreciate the scenery.

What's more, you must use your ears to listen all kinds of mythology stories at the same time. You will find the Stone Forest is really too wonderful for words.