Xi'an Tangyue Palace, China

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Tangyue Palace

Tangyue Palace, located in Chang'an North Road, outside of the large south city gate, Xi'an, Shaanxi province, is a magnificant restaurant with song and dance performances which was built by joint venture. It was regarded as the first Chinese night club.

Tangyue palace was set up by joint venture in 1988. It is very near to Xi'an hotel. The grand architecture consist of two tower buildings. There is grand Tiannusanhua fresco of 20 meters height mounted with mosaic in front of the building.

It is decorated with dragons and phoenixes relief bewteen the round arched door and niche and concentrate the features of splendid, simple and unsophiscated. It has dual-functions of enjoyment and dining, its building area is 7000 square metres, and has 1200 seats

The magnificant theatre is very beautiful, set off elegant artistic atmosphere by contrast. Visitors not only can taste delicious food, but also enjoy gorgeous and warm song and dance imitated Tang Dynasty. Among it, under the large occasion of Tangming emperor Limingji and Yangguifei (highest-ranking imperial concubine) celebrate joyously with subjects of a feudal ruler together and the palace song and dance such as Nishangyuyi dance, performers are singing and performing at same time, and go down stage frequently, there is no space between actors and audience.

The actors performing in Tangyue palace include national 1st grade actors and virtuoso of ancient instrument, solo and ensemble, solo dance and group dance. The performance last 1 hour including 6 programs.

The story of opera, song and dance are very attractive, it summarize the palace life in the ancient city of Tang Dynasty, review the ancient customs and the splended scenery of ancient capital - Xi'an thousands years ago. Joyous Song and dance reflecting the flourishing age of Tang Dynasty appear before the audience like time and space shifting.

Today's Tangyue palace is determined as the leading chinesee nightclub of publicizing Chinesee culture to the world by China Tourism Bureau. It is also described as "the East beautiful city" and "Chinese Las Vagas theatre and dining hall" besides the name of "the first Chinese nightclub".

According to statistics, Tangyue palace has already received about 300,0000 visitors since it opened. All state heads, visitors from China or foreign countries must visit here when they come to Xi'an.