Tianxingqiao Scenic Resort, China

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Tianxingqiao Scenic Resort

The Tianxingqiao Scenic Resort is located six kilometers away from a famous waterfall - Huang Guo Shu Waterfall.

It consists of three adjoining scenic areas: Tianxingpeng area, Tianxingdong area, and the Stone Forest area above water. The most distinguished character of the scenic resort is its abundance in water, rocks, forests and caves, which compose a picturesque view for the visitors.

The first scenic area Tianxingpeng is actually a stone forest above the water covering an area of 0.19 square kilometers, with natural rocks of different sizes and shapes. There are winding stone paths zigzagging through the rocky hills.

If you walk on the path, you will find yourself surrounded by fantastic stones in different shapes and almost lose yourself in the labyrinth.

The Tianxingdong scenic area is actually a huge cave containing various stalagmites and stalactites. Stalactite is icicle-shaped formation of lime hanging from the roof of a cave, formed by the steady dripping of water containing minerals, while stalagmite is formation of lime extending upwards like a pillar from the floor of a cave as water from a stalactite drips onto it.

In one of the halls, you can see bunches of "grapes" hanging from the ceiling, while in another hall some "vegetables" are growing beside your feet. You can see "birds" over your head and "the Great Wall" below you.

Under the colorful lights in the cave, those figures formed by stones look real. There are four high stone pillars in the cave, at least twenty meters high each, tessellated with stone flowers of different types and colors.

Drifting down from a waterfall, a stone forest above the water will come into your eyes. The stone forest is completely surrounded by water, and different shapes of stones are extending above the pool. When the water is falling down 20 meters from above, it glitters under the sunlight. What marvellous scenery it is!