Shandong Weifang Kite Festival, China

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Weifang Kite Festival

Held from 20th to 25th April every year, the Weifang Kite Festival is an international kite grand meeting held in Weifang, Shandong once a year, which attracts large quantities of kite experts, fans and visitors from home and abroad.

The kingdom of kite in China - Weifang, Shandong is well-known all over the world because the kite sports are held here every year since 1984.

During the Kite Festival, the Weifang city is very liveliness decorated with lanterns and colorful streamers, a lot of folk traditional artistic performs are spread out intermittently and the whole city is full of joy like in the Lantern Festival. The exhibition of traditional lantern is flickered and living when the night curtain droops.

Additionally, having the background of history stories and the efficiency of play performance, the traditional fireworks with large scenes make the spectators feel very surprise and praise highly now and then.

One and two days before 20th April every year, all the people coming here to appreciate, compete and view have already arrived at Weifang intermittently. On 20th April, a grand opening ceremony is held and the kite stagers from different counties who are coming here to compete march into the arena with their own outstanding works in the hands intermittently.

At this moment, the sound of firecrackers, gongs and drums is loud to the sky. Each colorful kite is an outstanding works of intelligence and brilliant conception, there are centipede with many sections and legs, phoenix flying highly, colorful butterflies dancing up and down and cloud dragon shuttling in the sky. Even many kites of figure models in Chinese mythology stories and a lot of kites created with new meanings.

On 21st April, the kite match is held on the Fuyan Mountain or on the beach of the Bohai Sea. The day is the time that the kite stagers from home and abroad show their technology in front of the hundreds of spectators. You can see every colorful kite is waving in the wind and pursuing up and down in the blue sky, which lead the spectators applauding and saying "good" constantly. This is the climax and main drama of the Kite Festival every year.

After match, the outstanding kites from China and abroad of previous kite festivals will be exhibited in "the Weifang Kite Museum". The Weifang Kite Museum is the biggest kite museum in the world at present. The previous works of kite stagers with extensive themes and changeable models exhibited here make the viewers' eyes cannot take it all in and dazzled.

From 22nd April, visitors can select your own scenic spots with your own interests, you can visit the places of interests nearby and also can visit the villages full of folk custom tastes, you can even participate in "the one thousand li travel of folk custom", specially the folk customs of Shijiazhuang in the center of Shandong Province is a very interesting activity.