Henan Luoyang Zhougong Temple, China

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Zhougong Temple

The Zhougong Temple is situated on South Dingding Road out of the old town Xiguan, Luoyang, Henan Province.

It is a famous place of interest and historic site with a history of more than 1,000 years.

Allegedly, the Zhougong Temple was built in 615. Originally, there enshrined a statue of Zhougong in the temple, but the statue was damaged during changes of dynasty and the chaos of wars, even now we don't know what caused these damages.

It is lucky that this temple was once rebuilt in several dynasties. Nowadays the Zhougong Temple is still in its original appearance: there are large halls, Er halls, San halls and left and right wings in it. In addition, there are stone tablet and carving which are praising Zhougong and were set up in Ming and Qing Dynasties in this temple.

The large hall is wide with five rooms and deep with three rooms. A horizontal inscribed board carved "Dingding Hall" is hung high in front of the large hall, showing Zhougong's achievements that he made the country had its systems and emphasized etiquettes and everyone of the country enjoyed a good and prosperous life at that time.

Zhougong made a good foundation to the early China on many aspects such as country law, social standard and edification of people's wisdom. It is easy for the succeeding people to rule, accumulate and make changes.

The foundation of the Zhougong Temple shows that people in Sui Dynasty had already realized that they couldn't standardize people's hearts in ancient China and let the long culture hand down systematically if without Zhougong.

Compared with multitudinous scenic spots with rivers and mountains, the Zhougong Temple doesn't extremely depend on its beautiful scenery to win. But now almost everyone who comes to Luoyang will visit it, the main reason is that Zhougong had deep influence to Chinese people and everyone misses this ancient virtuous man very much.