Taihu Lake, China

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Taihu Lake

The Taihu Lake, given other names such as Zhengze, Five Lake, is the 3rd largest and one of "Five Famous Freshwater Lakes". It covers the water area between Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces.

The Taihu Lake covers an area of 2,420 square km, 68km long from the north to south, 56km wide from the west to the east. It reaches 3 meters high above the sea level and 2 meters deep below that. The Lake connects other springs, lakes and rivers to be the heart of a very important water network in South China. Taihu Lake flow into Yangtze River at last.

Taihu Lake contains 48 islands and 72 mountains. It presents the fantastic scenery with small lakes of Taihu Lake and hill here and there. The Turtle Head Park is the most famous scenic spot and the other well-known scenic spots are East and West Dongting Mountains, Three Mountain and Maji Mountain.

Why not rent a cruise or a ship to appreciate the beautiful scenery around the Taihu Lake? It shows a picture of special beauty in South China. You could enjoy the vast water area, which varies from smoothly to turbulent waves. You could relax yourself surrounded by the green mountains and clear water. You could view the fishing boats and have a try to go fishing by you own.

There are many towns and famous places of interests around Taihu Lake. You could appreciate the gardens in Suzhou, enjoy the mountains and waters in Wuxi and pay a visit to Yixin.

Furthermore, Taihu Lake is the birthplace of the well-known Wu and Yue Culture dated back to Spring and Autumn Period (770BC-476BC). The living standard reached very high level and lived a very prosperous life even at that time.

Along the mountains from Wuxi to Suzhou, you can see the relics of the military defense facilities built by Wu against Yue (there were many wars between 2 nations). The defense work, named Beacon Tower was make by stones, which could hold 10 solders or other weapons and the food. You could find such ruins and places of interest on the islands of Taihu Lake.

Taihu Lake, the 3rd largest fresh water lake, is abundant in aquatic products, such as white baits, white fish and white shrimps. Since in Song Dynasty (960-1127), the area around Taihu Lake owns the fame as "A Land of Plenty" for an abundance of fish and rice due to Taihu Lake, a natural irrigation network and the extremely fertile land.

When late spring and early summer come, the vast area of rapeseed will impress you if you pass by the banks of Taihu Lake. Taihu Lake is a pearl in South China and obtains quite a lot relics and historical places of interest.