Guangxi Yangshuo Market, China

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Yangshuo Market

The Yangshuo Market, a special local handicrafts market, is located in Xijie Road in Guangxi Province. After tourists enjoying the beautiful scenery, they will have a walk on the street on the way.

Yangshuo is an ancient city with a long history. A poem of Tang Dynasty (618 ~ 907A.D.) described it in such a way:

"The city extends no more than 2 miles,
All residents are living in mountains."

It means that Yangshuo is a mountain city. Surrounded by 18 mountains, it looks like the pistil of a lotus.

The mountains around Yangshuo are odd and beautiful. The continuous mountains look like stone bamboo shoots, sticking into the sky. A winding 100-mile-long Li River runs through them, presenting picturesque landscape.

Scholars in ancient times always visited Yangshuo and Li River with a drawing fan in their hands, which was harmony with the local beautiful scenery. Therefore, Yangshuo's drawing fan has been famous since the ancient time and it is the same without stop for generation to generation.

Nearly every tourist who has visited Yangshuo was interested with the process of making a drawing fan. The artists draw different various pictures on the rice paper or silk, such as the mountains and rivers in Guilin, the scenery of Yangshuo, flowers, birds, fishes, insects, running horses, violent beasts, court ladies and so on.

They matched them with poem, calligraphy, and seal cutting. Therefore, a work of art combined with poem, calligraphy, drawing, and seal was completed. After seeing the whole process in person, the tourists often cannot help buying one or two drawing fans. While holding the fan in hand, they will unfold it from time to time in order to appreciate it. This satisfies them greatly. Obviously, the tour benefits everyone.

There is much bamboo near Yangshuo. Besides drawing fan, the market is full of products made of bamboo. From the little bamboo article such as comb, basket, bowl, chopstick to the bigger one such as chair, furniture, stool, all these handicrafts are special. Various products are the feasts for our eyes.

The whole market seems a world of bamboo products. Seeing so many bamboo products, which belongs to Chinese traditional art, the tourists often fondle admiringly.

Strolling in Xijie, local people called it "walking in Xijie". Today, walking in Xijie and touring Li River are the main programs for those who tour in Yangshuo City. There are Guixiu (Guizhou embroideries), paper umbrellas, and screens draw by hand. They are local specialties.

Another characteristic of the market is that the local sellers speak English very fluently, especially when bargaining. We are sure you will be very interested in such a wonderful humane landscape.