Henan Master Zhou's Observatory, China

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Master Zhou's Observatory

The Master Zhou's Observatory lies in the Master Zhou's temple, Gaocheng Town, Henan Province, it is 15 km away from Dengfeng city and 20m away from the Master Zhou's scenic observatory.

It is the most ancient astronomical observatory existing now in China. In 1961 it was listed into the emphatic preservation cultural relic in China and it is the famous astronomy science building in the world at present.

The Master Zhou's Observatory was built in 1276 and the famous astronomers Guozhoujin and Wangxun were responsible for founding. It is a brick-stone construction, composed by three parts - the obsertory body, silicon and slot.

With the shape of little up and big down, the seat base is 16m wide and the upper rim is approximately half of the lower one. With the square observatory's surface, the observatory is 9.46m high and altogether 12.62m high with the small house on the top of the observatory where various instruments were laid and measures were operated in ancient times.

This Master Zhou's Observatory was used not only to observe the movement of sun, but also it was used to record time and observe star in ancient times. At the northern observatory body there are two symmetric entrances and exists and brick-stone road and ladder fence surrounding the body, these all make the whole construction layout looks solemn and science.

All the rims on the top are narrow step by step with short walls on the side. There is a concave slot in the center under the stone wall of the seat facing north. The stone wall with concave slot built with 36 green stones and the silicon under the observatory (commonly called the sky ruler) are a group of device measuring length of sun and shadows in Yuan Dynasty.

According to the historical materials, there were many astronomers who once went to the Master Zhou's Observatory to have observation activities in various dynasties in Chinese history. We can say that the Master Zhou's Observatory is the huge achievement of Chinese ancient astronomy science. If you are interested in science and Chinese history, we suggest you arrange a travel of the Zhongyue Songshan Mountain, after traveling the Shaolin Temple, the Pagoda of the Zhongyue Temple and the Songyang Academy, you may visit this Master Zhou's Observatory.